Backup is not a luxury, it’s a necessity

You contract insurance for your car, your house, your pet, etc. and you want to do it before it’s too late. Protecting your business is the same, you need “data insurance” and a backup in place. ReadyNAS offers your best backup and protection.

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External drives

Easily corrupted and prone to failure as all hard disk drives

Highly manual process, cumbersome & prone to errors

No centralization of data

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Tape backups

Manual process

Long delay between backups

Easily corrupted due to mishandling, accidental formatting, heat

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Cloud backups

Existing security breach with ransomware or malware

All data cannot be stored in the Cloud

Need a high network bandwidth and anytime network connection

Cost of data loss

Data loss can come in any form potentially costing your business time, money and headache. For example, a small data breach where only 100 records are lost would most likely cost an organization anywhere from $18,120 to $35,730, but could cost as much as $555,660. Meanwhile, a mammoth breach of 100 million records would have an average cost between $5 million and $15.6 million, with a maximum estimation close to $200 million.*

Records prediction (lower) Average (lower) expected average (upper) prediction (upper)
100 $1,170 $18,120 $25,450 $35,730 $555,660
1,000 $3,110 $52,260 $67,480 $87,140 $1,461,730
10,000 $8,280 $143,360 $178,960 $223,400 $3,866,400
100,000 $21,900 $366,500 $474,600 $614,600 $10,283,200
1,000,000 $57,600 $892,400 $1,258,670 $1,775,350 $27,500,090
10,000,000 $150,700 $2,125,900 $3,338,020 $5,241,300 $73,943,950
100,000,000 $392,000 $5,016,200 $8,852,540 $15,622,700 $199,895,100
* Source:

Disaster recovery

In the event of a catastrophe, rapidly recover the latest backup with full data reconstruction.

Hourly encrypted snapshots

“You can do a lot in an hour”. Encrypted snapshots can be taken hourly to protect your latest data modifications.


NAS to NAS backup uses block-level replication for optimized bandwidth and efficiency.

Hybrid backup

ReadyNAS provides a combination of on-premises, NAS to NAS and Cloud backup for the best data protection.


Backup any type of data to ReadyNAS: files, shares, configurations, virtualized storage, databases, email, etc.


All ReadyNAS provide the highest levels of data protection for ultimate security of your data (anti-virus, Cloud replication, RAID, bitrot protection…)

Easy configuration

Easiest backup configuration and ReadyNAS management for efficiency


Easily pre-configure your backup for the best backup schedule for your data and your business.


Locally and remotely manage your ReadyNAS through NETGEAR Insight app.

readynas hybrid backup - 3 options

One ReadyNAS, triple data protection

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ReadyNAS, a comprehensive storage and backup solution

Data is the second most valuable asset in any business – after your people. The sharing, storing, archiving and disaster recovery of data are critical elements in any IT infrastructure. Next to these universal IT requirements, for a small and medium size business, scalability, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness are essential. Pick the right storage solution for your needs!

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  1. Intuitive remote management & monitoring
  2. Cloud backup (Amazon, Google Drive, Dropbox)
  3. Choice of storage capacity & hardware (from 2 to 60 bays, desktop or rackmount)
  4. Team collaboration with anywhere secure access
  5. High-performance large file storage & streaming
  6. Business continuity with all-inclusive backup

Most secure storage

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Automatic Backup & Sync

Using the ReadyCLOUD app for PC, scheduled protection is easier than ever before.

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Automated Cloud Backup

Maintain data sets at multiple locations, ensure data integrity and consistency across multiple locations.

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Unlimited Snapshots

Unlimited data snapshots capability for on-box protection and flexible data recovery. Guard against ransomware.

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X-RAID & Instant Provisioning

Easily expand capacity and feel confident knowing that data is always protected.

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Bit Rot Protection

A proprietary technology protecting your files from unplanned degradation.

A million customers can't be wrong

Businesses processing large files

Creative agencies
Movie studios
Design (CAT/CAD)

Organizations with the need to store critical data

Education (K-12)
Notaries, Lawyers, Audit companies
Retail chains, small telecom providers

Deploy ReadyNAS in just a few clicks and get

  • All your office PC, Mac & devices backed up
  • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan
  • A cost effective hybrid cloud solution